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Dives for thrill seekers

Get your adrenalin pumping

Dives for thrill seekers
Get your adrenalin pumping

The Bahamas has a well-deserved reputation as one of world’s best diving sites. Whether exploring a shipwreck, browsing coral reefs or joining sharks for dinner, many thousands of tourists flock to the country’s islands and cays each year to encounter the dazzling array of marine life beneath the waves.

Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas is located on the southwestern side of New Providence. “The difference between our dive operation and others [around the world] is the location,” says Stuart Cove. “Divers pick the destination due to the diving activities here, which are some of
the best in the world.”

The company, which began in 1978, offers activities for all types of visitors, whether first-timers or seasoned divers. One of the most memorable and thrilling of these is the shark feeding dive. It’s not for the faint-hearted.

Visitors are taken down 50 ft to the sandy ocean floor by professional divers and are placed at the centre of the action as scores of hungry Caribbean reef sharks cruise in, looking for supper.

The sharks are fed by a professional feeder who places bait at the tip of a pole. As many as 40 sharks can cluster around the feeding site. Some are six ft long. Stuart says the experience is an adrenalin rush but that even the most nervous divers quickly lose their fear.

It’s not just the sharks that attract divers to Bahamian waters. The islands boast unique geological formations that make it one of the most spectacular underwater playgrounds on earth. Scattered about the islands, for example, are blue holes–areas where the ocean floor drops down hundreds of feet.

Bahama Divers, located on the Nassau harbourfront, offers experienced divers the chance to descend into one of these remarkable sinkholes in a dive entitled ‘Lost Blue Hole,’ offered three times a week. The blue hole in question is 200 ft deep, with an opening at a depth of 30 ft.

Diving instructor Cardinal Collie says it’s one of the most impressive dives anywhere. “It’s in the middle of the ocean and we drop down into it. That’s intriguing for any diver,” says Collie. “Around the entrance you can see lots of marine life. It’s great to drop down and look back up to the top. Everyone raves about it.”

In the spring months this blue hole is a birthing ground for silky sharks, with hundreds of baby sharks swarming the site.

Bahama Divers also offers a range of dives for all levels of ability, from novice to expert. Those at the beginner or intermediate level can enjoy the many busy reefs around New Providence or explore shipwrecks that are now home to turtles, spiny lobster (crawfish), stingrays and many other kinds of tropical fish.



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