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No fuss, no muss with concierge

Services make livin’ easy in The Bahamas

No fuss, no muss with concierge
Services make livin’ easy in The Bahamas

Living’s easy in The Bahamas, if you have the right people to show you the way.

Experienced concierge firms take the stress out of everyday life. They come in handy for those with hectic work schedules, who travel frequently or are simply too busy to keep on top of “to-do” lists.

Luxury lifestyle management
Platinum Pineapple, for example, specializes in “luxury lifestyle management” for everyone from newcomers, local residents and corporations to wealthy visitors and boaters.

Founding partners Michelle Albury and Sarah Campbell-Munro launched the company in 2006, capitalizing on their experiences working in the hospitality industry and offshore banking.

“In today’s luxury residential market, buyers expect more than just lavish accommodations, they are also buying into a lifestyle,” says Albury. “We recognized the need for this service locally, particularly for second homeowners. Our clients receive the services of a luxury hotel while residing in the comfort of their own homes.”

Platinum Pineapple’s team of seven stays busy every day, providing a host of services for clients residing in eastern and western New Providence, especially at the exclusive Ocean Club Estates and Ocean Club Residences & Marina on Paradise Island, where Platinum Pineapple serves as the on-site concierge.

“Currently we are based in New Providence,” says Campbell-Munro. “However, we have assisted some of our clients with planning and coordinating events at their vacation homes in the Out Islands.”

She explains that Platinum Pineapple provides “everything lifestyle-related,” which could be anything from arranging ground transportation, planning parties and booking private chefs to more domestic tasks such as grocery shopping, butler service, housekeeping and bill paying.

“Our clients experience the hassle-free feeling,” says Campbell-Munro. “Once they contact us, we take it from there. Nothing is too big or too small.”

When it comes to assisting new clients moving to New Providence, Albury notes that Platinum Pineapple’s services can be especially helpful.

“We act as their personal assistant to ensure that everything is in place and ready for their arrival,” she says, explaining that this includes shipping belongings, coordinating customs clearing, arranging for movers and interior decorators, establishing accounts at utility companies and overseeing utility hook-ups.

In addition to making sure a client’s home is in turnkey condition, Platinum Pineapple also helps clients settle in to their new island lifestyle by making them familiar with their new environment, pointing out the locations of various businesses, schools and whatever else they need to know.

“We provide the lifestyle experience that our clients are accustomed to,” says Campbell-Munro.

Errands on the go
Island Purveyors specializes in taking care of errands for busy clients who don’t have time to keep on top of their “to-do” lists.

From tracking down luxury goods and gourmet foods to locating hard-to-find items in The Bahamas and abroad, this new company “goes to the nth degree.”

Bahamian Joei Aranha, a former luxury products supplier to John Bull, Little Switzerland and Solomon’s Mines, founded the company in 2011, specializing in yacht, home, office and Family Island provisioning.

“Really who I’m trying to target is the local market; people who are busy and don’t want to do the grocery shopping, get their gas tank refilled or don’t have the time to pick up their dry cleaning.”

In addition to running general errands, Island Purveyors also sources imported goods from the United States and abroad.

“The most challenging aspect is trying to locate and source as many products as possible here at home–if I don’t have to fly it in, I prefer not to,” she says. “But sometimes you have to resort to purchasing in the US and elsewhere.”

However, Aranha says “it’s amazing what can be found here in The Bahamas.

“If it’s manufactured or made, I’ll do my utmost to find it,” says Aranha.


Platinum Pineapple, tel 393-4921, e-mail or visit

Island Purveyors, tel 327-7769 or 457-0069, e-mail or visit



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