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Reef and wreck adventures

Incredible underwater vistas

Reef and wreck adventures
Incredible underwater vistas

Thanks to the absence of rivers, there is no sediment muddying up the brilliantly clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding Grand Bahama, which is why corals and tropical fish have such a high-definition look to divers, even when they are down 100 ft.

The clarity of the water is the main reason why diving here is worth writing home about, as you will quickly discover if you contact the Underwater Explorers Society (UNEXSO).

Conveniently located in Lucaya, near the Port Lucaya Marketplace, UNEXSO offers dives for all skill levels in this pristine underwater environment.

For beginners, one of UNEXSO’s shallow reef dives is the perfect choice. Starting at about 20 ft, you can experience both the reef and it’s beautiful and strangely shaped marine creatures. More experienced divers can explore reefs all the way down to 80 ft.

Another dive for all skill levels is UNEXSO’s signature dolphin experience, which allows you to swim and interact with these friendly mammals in the open ocean.

UNEXSO pioneered shark dives and offers them along with blue hole, wall and night dives.

Wreck dives, by day or night, are special. One of UNEXSO’s favourites is Theo’s, the wreck of M/S Logna, a 230 ft freighter deliberately scuttled in shallow water nearly 30 years ago.

Thanassis “Theo” Galanopoulos, engineer on the Logna and an experienced diver, suggested sinking it in about 100 ft of water off Grand Bahama in1982.

Divers on Theo’s will see shoals of jacks and grunts, as well as barracuda and perhaps sharks, rays and turtles from the open sea. Spotted dolphins have also been known to visit the wreck.

Another popular wreck is the LaRose, a multi-level tugboat sunk near the Moray Manor reef area, home to huge black grouper, loggerhead turtles and moray eels. “Wreck diving is popular because you see such a wide variety of marine life in a small area,” says Cristina Zenato, UNEXSO’s diving supervisor.



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