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Thinking of buying a vacation home?

Some prices reduced by half

Thinking of buying a vacation home?
Some prices reduced by half

Once they have experienced the salubrious climate and the many natural attractions–not to mention the perks extended to expat homeowners in The Bahamas– it’s not surprising that so many people from all over the world have decided to acquire a vacation or retirement home on beautiful Grand Bahama.

If you’re thinking about it, you’ll find there’s a large and varied inventory of property for sale, including single-family homes, condos, villas, commercial property and raw land.

Living here makes sense when you consider the advantages. For example, buying property is safe, thanks to the International Persons Landholding Act, which makes it easier for non-Bahamians to buy and control property, which is held freehold, not leasehold as in some small countries. This means owners are free to pass on or sell their property whenever they wish.

The Bahamas is a constitutional democracy based on the British parliamentary system. In fact the legislative branch dates back to 1729. The economy is based on tourism and financial services. On top of these advantages, you may never again get property for a better price than you can right now.

As is the case in many areas around the world, housing prices have dropped substantially. One well-known realtor says prices in the Family Islands and Grand Bahama, have been cut by 50 and 60 per cent, due partly to economic uncertainty around the world during the fall and winter of 2011/12.

If you are looking for a new dwelling, you can easily find temporary accommodations. They range from luxury beachfront properties to apartment complexes that can be booked through local real estate agencies such as HG Christie Ltd.

Apartments frequently include television hook up, maid service, coin-operated washers and dryers, swimming pools and beach access.

While low prices are attracting foreign buyers to The Bahamas, that’s not the only draw. Sunny weather, beautiful beaches, friendly people and the laid back island lifestyle continue to attract buyers to our shores.



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